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Contemporary from every perspective.



We have been living our values and employing our skills in the management of residential and commercial building projects for over 30 years now.

For us, building means taking on responsibility and working with dedication and vision to preserve existing building value and deliver new building projects of high quality. Our aim is not only to incorporate individual ideas of functionality, aesthetics and comfort but also to ensure appropriate handling of technical standards.

We endeavour to integrate existing buildings and modern architecture into their surroundings and construct functional as well as pleasant living environments. This requires a consistently high standard of performance.


We select property and plan building regulations so that we can ensure smart project development for both residential and commercial buildings. Our quality management team ensure standards are adhered to throughout the entire construction process. From the purchase of land right through to handing over the keys, we develop solutions tailored to individual needs. Our customers appreciate having just one contact person for questions on all legal building standards and building execution services. Our modus operandi is to build swiftly and employ transparent and traceable processes as we transform your dreams into reality.